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Hampi - Karnataka

About Hampi

Hampi, Vijaynagara - was once the capital of the largest Hindu empires in the Indian history. Founded by the Telugu princes Harihara and Bukka in 1336, it reached the height of its glory under Krishnadevaraya (1509-29) when it controlled the whole of peninsula, except for a string of commercial principalities along the Malabar coast . Hampi had trade connections with international markets. Hindu, Muslim and Jain religions were practiced. The Brahmins were a privileged class. Sati (burning of the wife on husband's pyre) and Devdasi system (temple prostitution) were common and widely practiced. Brahmini inscriptions discovered on the site date the first settlement here back to the 1st century AD and suggest that there was a Buddhist centre nearby. The empire came to a sudden end a-Fter the battle of Talikota when the city was ransacked by the confederacy of the Deccan Sultans. 

A world heritage centre, Hampi is the most beautiful and evocative of all ruins in Karnataka The 

erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagara kingdom, Hampi is full of delightful surprises like the King's Balance where Kings were weighed against grain, gold or money which was then distributed amongst the poor, the Queen's bath with its arched corridors projecting balconies and lotus-shaped fountains that once sprouted perfumed water, the two storied Lotus Mahal with recessed archways, the huge Elephant Stables, the Splendid Vithala temple with its 'Musical pillars' and the stone chariot, the Vrupaksha Temple, still used for worship, Ugra Narasimha, the 6.7 m tall monolith and the Pushkarini the Mahanavami Dibba.Once-powerful Vijaynagara empire was compared to Rome by the Portuguese traveller Paes. 

King's Palace : - The largest enclosure, including two major platform structures, an underground chamber, several other platforms and other interesting architectural elements 

Lotus Mahal
: - An elegant example of the fusion of the Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture

Elephant Stables : - Arched entrances with many domes once house for the elephants.

Pushkarni : - This excavated in 1980s believed to be inside the palace complex. A water tank crafted from granite

Hazara Rama Temple : - A royal temple reserved for ceremonial use. The walls are richly craved with friezes depicting processions of horses, elephants, dancing girls, and soldiers attired in splendid weaponry. 

Vithala Temple : - A very important master piece of the by gone era. Its large mandapa with 56 music pillars is still a wonder to experience. 

Virupaksha Temple: - The only temple of those days still having worship, Dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has 9 storied gopuram. Lakshminarasimha, Badavilinga and Ganesha Images are also land mark of this site. 

The other places of tourist interest are the sacred Pampa Sarovara, Aramane (a ruined palace) and the Ranganatha Temple . In the case of Hampi, it’s best just to go there and see for yourself. There is a lot more to say about Hampi. 

Location : 13 km from Hospet and 365 km from Bangalore . 

Hotels : - Hotel Malligi, Hotel Pola Paradise,Shanbhag Towers International,Kishkinda Heritage Resort, Hotel Priyadarshini, Hotel Nagarjuna,and Hotel,Nagarjuna Residency 

How to Reach Hampi:
By Air : Bellary is the nearest domestic airport, which is about 60 km away and Bangalore is the nearest international Airport, which is 350 km away
By Rail : Nearest Railhead is Hospet about 15 Kms
By Road : Hampi is well connected by KSRTC & Private bus services. It is connected to all major cities nearby.

Photo Gallery of Hampi

Vithala Temple Stone Charroit Hampi Lotus Mahal Hampi

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